Couple Counselling

The majority of adults long for a happy and stable relationship. However, the divorce rate in Switzerland is about 40%.

Among other factors, mutual trust and continuously working on the relationship are necessary ingredients for a satisfying relationship. Dysfunctional and negative communication, cheating or adultery, discrepant expectations or sexual difficulties can reduce relationship satisfaction significantly.

Couple counselling can help you to face topics like these. In couple counselling sessions you have the opportunity to talk openly with each other about your needs, wishes and dreams. We provide you with the knowledge and relationship skills to cope with the current situation and to initiate changes.

Couple counselling can also be useful if you have agreed upon a separation or divorce, or if you have already separated. In this case, we focus on finding a feasible and acceptable way forward for each involved party, especially when there are also children who are affected by the separation.



Generally couple counselling sessions need to be paid privately. The price is CHF 300 per 90min-session. Only under certain conditions the compulsory health insurance covers couple counselling sessions.

Please not that we charge the full price for a session, if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior.

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