Individual Counselling

Everyday life is often characterised by stress and is highly demanding. While some people thrive at times of stress, others feel limited by it.

Nearly 50% of all people have at least one period in their life when they report low levels of well-being. This unease can manifest itself in different ways.

The symptoms can be triggered by a change in circumstances as new job position, loss of occupation, moving to a new place, or the transition to parenthood. The trigger can also come from difficult situations such as the unfulfilled desire for a child, the loss of a loved one, difficulties within the family or an illness. In contrast, it is also possible that the causes of the current symptoms are unconscious; in this case, clarification can be the first step in the counselling process.

A professional treatment can help to induce a positive change of your current situation. Your descriptions and narratives set the basis of our treatment goals and the treatment itself. Thanks to our work as researchers, we incorporate the latest scientific findings into our treatments.

In a counselling session, you get impulses for new experiences and learn to mobilize your own resources. Consequently, you can independently induce changes find achievable, practical solutions.


Compulsory health insurance/basic health insurance covers sessions provided by independent psychotherapists or psychologists, as well as by organisations of psychotherapists. A medical prescription is required for this. This is valid for a maximum of 15 sessions. The fee for psychotherapeutic treatment is calculated on a time basis (PsyTarif). To make sure your insurance pays the treatment, ask your family doctor to fill in this form and bring this form with you to your first session.

Please note that we charge the full price for a session, if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior the session.

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