Pregnancy & Parenthood

“Becoming parents or not?” is one of the most significant decisions of adulthood.

The transition to parenthood is not always as smooth and as easy as expected or wished. While some people may have an unfulfilled wish for children, others may have difficulties during pregnancy, or the pregnancy might be unplanned.

After birth everyday life often changes completely, which also can be very demanding; moreover, processing birth can cause some struggle too. Thus, the transition to parenthood can be challenging to individuals as well as couples.

Professional support can help in finding ways to cope with the challenges associated with wish for children, with pregnancy and with the transition to parenthood. We help you to tackle and to process the demanding situation, to shape realistic expectations and to become comfortable in the role of a (becoming) parent.

Practice head Dr. Valentina Rauch-Anderegg has co-led operatively the national study “Couples Becoming Parents” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Swiss Health Promotion. She has profound and current scientific knowledge, which she shares with her employees and applies in the treatments. Additionally, collaborations with other professionals (such as midwives, lactation consultants, gynaecologists, psychiatrists, etc.) guarantee a sustainable and holistic treatment.



Compulsory health insurance/basic health insurance covers sessions provided by independent psychotherapists or psychologists, as well as by organisations of psychotherapists. A medical prescription is required for this. This is valid for a maximum of 15 sessions. The fee for psychotherapeutic treatment is calculated on a time basis (PsyTarif). To make sure your insurance pays the treatment, ask your family doctor to fill in this form and bring this form with you to your first session.

Please note that we charge the full price for a session, if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior.

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