Questions and answers

What is the duration of a treatment?

The duration of a treatment depends strongly on the depth of the focused problem. Using the goal orientation a first estimation of treatment duration can be made. Periodical evaluations help keep track and make progress visible.

Who is paying for the sessions?

Compulsory health insurance/basic health insurance covers sessions provided by independent psychotherapists or psychologists, as well as by organisations of psychotherapists. A medical prescription is required for this. This is valid for a maximum of 15 sessions. The fee for psychotherapeutic treatment is calculated on a time basis (PsyTarif). To make sure your insurance pays the treatment, ask your family doctor to fill in this form and bring this form with you to your first session. Additionally sessions can also be paid privately.

Are my data kept confidential?

By law, we must keep all your data confidential. This includes all verbal and written information exchanged within the treatment. Exchange of information with other professionals happens only with your written approval.

Must I take drugs during the treatment?

The intake of drugs is not a prerequisite for a treatment. In some cases, however, drugs can facilitate the process of change. Its prescription, though, must be issued by a medical doctor and only happens with your consent.

Do I need a referral letter from my family doctor?

Yes, if you want your basic health insurance to cover the sessions, you need a medical prescription. If you want to pay for the sessions yourself, a prescription is not needed.

What does a treatment look like?

The first meeting is about getting to know each other and you describing your overall situation. Based on your description and additional questionnaires, we set goals and plan the next steps. In addition, you get some exercises to enhance implementation to daily life.

Do I really need treatment?

Discussions with an external person can help to disentangle different aspects of a situation. Acceptance of this form of support can be as seen personal strength. Feel free to book a first session to gain some clarity about if a coaching or individual counselling would be helpful to you.

Do I have to lay on a couch & talk about my childhood?

Sessions normally take place in a sitting position. However, for relaxation exercises you can lay down if more comfortable. It is always up to you to decide on the topic of the treatment and the single sessions, as we do not force you to talk about something in particular.

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