Treatment approach

As clinical psychologists we join you for a part of your journey and support you in those aspects of life. you want us to do so.

The basis of our treatments is the assumption that feelings, thoughts and behaviour are linked with each other, and these relationships can cause problems in the present. Although early childhood experiences and our attitudes influence present behavior, our treatment focuses on the here and now.

Additionally, we closely collaborate with other professionals to induce sustainable changes.

Characteristics of our treatment approach


• Goal orientation: clearly defined goals are being defined and goal attainment is being measured.

• Scientific Validation: We use methods which have been scientifically proven to be effective.

• Practice: Exercises ensure that what has been learnt and understood during the sessions is being transferred to daily life.

• Promotion of Competences and Resources: Support to feel strengthened to master challenges autonomously.

• Transparency: The process and the methods are being discussed comprehensively.

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