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Pregnancy & Parenthood

“Becoming parents or not?” is one of the most significant decisions of adulthood.

Individual Counselling

Everyday life is often characterised by stress and can be highly demanding.

Couple Counselling

The majority of adults long for a happy relationship but the divorce rate in Switzerland is about 40%.


Do you feel there is an issue that you want to resolve but you do not know how?

For Journalists

Valentina Rauch-Anderegg is happy to share her vast knowledge and experience in interviews and articles.

Talks & Workshops

Dr. Valentina Rauch-Anderegg frequently gives talks and leds various workshops.

They said

Choosing The Anderegg Psychology Practice was one of the best decisions I've made for my mental health. Dr. Anderegg's professionalism, combined with a deep sense of empathy, created an environment where I felt comfortable exploring my thoughts and emotions.

Nicolette Weber

I can't express enough gratitude for the positive changes The Anderegg Psychology Practice has brought into my life. Dr. Anderegg's expertise and genuine care have guided me through some of my toughest moments.

Elena Schneider

The Anderegg Psychology Practice has truly transformed my life. Dr. Anderegg's approach is both compassionate and insightful.

Lukas Müller

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