Nadine Mazzariello, M.Sc.

Nadine Mazzariello, M.Sc.


Nadine Mazzariello is a clinical psychologist and will soon have finished her training to be a federally recognized psychotherapist.

She studied psychology at the University of Basel and 2014 she obtained her Masters degree in clinical psychology. After her studies she worked in the area of early recognition for psychosis where amongst other she offered neuropsychological tests. She then worked in a detoxification clinic for several years. In addition to substance abuse and addiction she treated various illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, personality disorders and ADHD.

Nadine Mazzariello mainly works with the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy and is open to include other people such as partners, relatives or other professionals in sessions.

Beginning psychotherapy means there is a willingness to change the status quo. Nadine Mazzariello supports you during this process by developing strategies to succeed and making positive changes in your life.

Clinical work

Psychologist at the practice Psychologie Anderegg
Clinical psychologist at the Klinik für Suchttherapie, Neuenhof
Post-graduate psychologist at the PDAG, Brugg at the ambulant surgery for early recognition of early psychosis

Curriculum Vitae

Since april 2016 in training for a master of advanced studies in psychotherapy
Master of Science in psychology, University of Basel
Bachelor of Science in psychology, University of Basel





Certificates & awards

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